Bradford Lombardi – Ultra Runner

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Bradford Lombardi Ultrarunner

Competitive Highlights

2015 BadWater 135 miles Currently running
2014 Oil Creek 100 Miler 27:58hrs
2014 BADWATER 135 Miles 31:09hrs (16th overall)
2014 BRAZIL 135 Miles -no crew/unsupported finish 42:36hrs
2013 Jack’s 50K 4:38hrs (1st overall)
2013 Georgia Jewel 100 Miler 27:34hrs (5th overall)
2013 Pine Creek 100 Miler 18:47hrs (5th overall)
2013 Everglades 50M 8:44hrs (3rd overall)
2013 JW Corbett 50M 9:31hrs (3rd overall)
2012 Keys 100 Miler 19:19hrs (1st master, 3rd overall)
2012 Palm 100K 10:41hrs (1st master, 3rd overall)
2012 Iron Horse 100Miler 17:27hrs (1st master, 3rd overall)
2011 Jetty to Jetty Ultra 5:16hrs (1st overall)

Brad has completed about 70 marathons and ultra-marathons in a relatively short time. He feels that at the age of 45, he has only begun to scratch the surface of his true potential as an endurance athlete.

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