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Stephanie Buettner

Amateur, Trail Runner / Ultramarathoner

How long have you been competing?

At least 15 years

How did you get started?

My friends made me run a 5k, and that was the start of my journey!

What do you love about competing?

I love the running community and being out on trails is breathtaking and always a new experience. I also love pushing my limits out there

Top 3 personal records:

Javelina 100 miles : 24:42 hrs
50k Road : 5:34:26 hrs
Silver Rush 50 miles Trail : 11: 54:0

Long term goals:

Just being able to run and compete long distances as I’m getting older

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Favorite Product:


"I started to feel an improvement after taking it for about 1 week, my uphill pace on trail improved and I didn’t feel the need of walking breaks. Now after almost 1 month of training with EPO BOOST, I’m convinced! It’s almost like getting an extra gear, pushing through is easier, I can hold higher speed/ pace longer. It works for me. Highly recommend!"

4 Fun Facts about Stephanie

Coolest place you've competed: 

Berlin ( the Wall 100 miler along historic wall )

Favorite food:

Anything Protein.. steak for sure

Favorite activity besides competing:

Teaching exercise classes and weight training

Something unique about you:

Never ran until I was 42. ( disliked it)

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