JD Pepper and Chere Pepper Duathletes

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JD Pepper and Chere Pepper Duathletes

JD Pepper Elite Master Duathlete, Coach

Competitive Highlights

Elite Master Runner
Qualifier World Championships in 2008 and 2009
All American Team USA Duathlete
Cross Country High Schooll Coach

How EPO-Boost works for me 

“JD just placed 2nd place in a 5k race! The first place winner was the National record holder, so pretty darn good! There were over 4600 participants in the 5k, I know your product has made a difference.!

My son Joey tried it twice, once before a hard weightlifting workout, and the other before his flag football league game. He was amazed! He said he is going to send his clients to your webpage to get some! He was really impressed and how he was able to make it through the workout without running out of gas and he was not sore the next day. I told him of our plan of having him at the table for the run and he is so happy to do so.

Chere’ Pepper(wife) I ran a 5k last week. I was 2 Minutes faster than my fastest time ever. WOW thats all I can say. Ive been taking 2 epo-boosts per day and only doing the TriFuel® on hard workouts. I have a hard time pushing myself, I’m not much of a racer, but 2 Minutes! Wow.”*


Chere Pepper

Runner, Duathlon

Recent Race Events:

April 2013 – Qualified for Duathlon short course worlds
April 2013 – 2nd in age at DISs Duathlon Columbus
12th Place 2013 World Championship Duathlon completion

How BRL Sports supplements works for me 

“I have been a middle of the pack runner in the past, lacking endurance and the ability to push myself. On the products, I now have improved my 5K and 10K times as well as have been placing in Duathlons and have qualified for worlds. Without the products, I would not have had the fuel, energy, recovery or mental strength to push.”


*Individual Results May Vary

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