Joe Guilyard, Marathon Runner, Boston Marathon 3X

Joe Guilyard, Marathon Runner, Boston Marathon 3X

Competitive Highlights

Boston Marathon 2017, 2016, 2014


1st Place NCR Train Marathon
7th Place AACR Philadelphia Marathon
1st Place Harrisburg Marathon
1st Place Atlantic City Half Marathon
4th Place Baltimore Running Festival
1st Place Columbus Marathon
1st Place Freedoms Run
4th Place Akron Marathon
2nd Place Rochester Marathon
2nd Place Erie Maratjhon
2nd PlaceNight Train 50K
1st Place Paul Richey Memorial Run
5th Place God's Country Marathon
11th Place Buffalo Marathon
17th Place Run For the Red Marathon
9th Place Dick's Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon
21st Place Pro Football Hall of Fame Marathon
7th Gettysburg North-South Marathon
5th Place Runners Marathon of Reston
3rd Place Gardenspot Village Marathon
2nd Place Cook Forest Marathon
2nd Place Two Rivers Marathon
11th Place Lower Potomac River Marathon
8th Place Rock 'n' Roll USA Matathong

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Todd Parker, Cycling & Triathlon Coach, Former Pro Triathlete

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