Sean Ahmadi, Cyclo Cross and Mountain Bike Coaching

Sean Ahmadi, Cyclo Cross and Mountain Bike Coaching

Career Highlights

2nd Place  Georgetown Cyclocross Festival / Masters
3 Place  Bikesport Cyclocross Challenge Cat 3 Senior
1st Place 12/11/2011 – Webberville Cyclocross Cat 3 Senior
1st Place – Cyclocross Scuffle Cat 3/4
1st Place – GCCA Cyclocross Cat 3

Professional Certifications

Kinesiology degree from the University of Texas
USA Cycling Coach
USA Triathlon coach

About Sean

Sean Ahmadi received his Kinesiology degree from the University of Texas (UT) Austin. After graduation, Sean became a USA Cycling Coach as well as USA Triathlon coach.

Sean is a licensed professional mountain biker and has competed locally, nationally, and internationally. His education and experience give Sean great wisdom that he uses with every client.

When Sean is not helping others achieve their fitness goals, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids. Sean is also a member of Austin’s Bicycle Sport Shop mountain bike team.

Sean’s philosophy for life is simple; “I believe in exercising for life, which means no matter how old you are you can be active and healthy.”

How BRL Sports Supplements Work for Me

“As a coach and professional athlete I’m well aware of the importance that certain supplements can have on your training, and of course we all know that the harder you workout the faster you are in your races.

There are lot of products out there that come with big promises in gains in VO2max and performance, and although they may be based on some research most times the ingredients are not enough to bring about the promised effect or you need to buy other products from the same company to to enusre success.

This is where EPOBOOST is different.

They are backed by solid research and intelligent design. The main ingredient is high enough in dose to produce the promised response (again where most other products fail), and then there are other supporting ingredients that will ensure the overall sucess of EPO-Boost.

So I tried it for myself, and after a 4 week training cycle using EPO-Boost I have seen an increase of 12% in my FTP at the same heart rate. My heart rate at submaximal effort has dropped by 4 beats (a great sign of increase in aerobic capacity) and heart rate at LT is is almost 5 beats higher.

During this time I took daily metric measurements of resting heart rate, blood pressure, weight and heart rate variability, and kept nutrition and sleep very close to same. So Im very confident of about my claim.

My goal for this year was to increase my FTP by 5% for the season. Time to adjust goals.*”

*Individual Results May Vary

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