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How long have you been competing?

12 years

Do you compete for a school or on a team?

I competed for UCSB/Cal Poly, now for KEMTIC PRO TEAM

How did you get started?

Raced a kid in 6th grade

What do you love about competing?

The feeling of going fast, the power in each step

Top 3 personal records:

10.71 = 100m
21.6 = 200m
6.9 = 60m

Long term goals:

Create a Kemetic Supplement with BRL sports

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Favorite Product:


"EPO/VO2 Combo is my favorite. It allowed me to reach peak fitness within only 4 weeks"

4 Fun Facts about Ryan

Coolest place you've competed: 

Mt. Sac

Favorite food:

Ribs from Rutherford Grill

Favorite activity besides competing:

Playing basketball

Something unique about you:

I have extreme ADHD and an ability to network like no other. I also can solve a rubiks cube in 22 seconds and am rated 1450 in chess

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