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keto diet for athletes

Is the Keto Diet Right For Athletes?

The appropriateness of the ketogenic diet may depend on what type of activity you perform. 
thirsty woman trail runner

5 Nutrition Tips For New Runners

Are you fueling yourself adequately for your newfound exercise routine?
Nutrition Tweaks For a Better Workout

Nutrition Tweaks For a Better Workout

A thoughtful diet plan pays off in more effective training workouts and faster recovery.

Joe Barr

3 Ways to Go From Empty to Fully Charged

Team nutritionist Jillian Mooney reveals how Ultra Cyclist World Champion Joe Barr recovers after a hectic competition schedule.
game day party

Healthy Hacks For Super Bowl Snacks

Who doesn't love a great Super Bowl spread? But if you want to you avoid a Monday morning food and alcohol hangover, up your game with these healthier options.
foods for metabolic efficiency

Off-Season Fuel Efficiency

During off-season training periods, follow these tips to minimize weight gain by improving metabolic efficiency.

Live healthier in 2021 diet and exercise equipment

Our Best Tips For Increasing Energy in 2021

Shoring up your energy reserves will give your New Year's resolutions a fighting chance to succeed.
Nutrition Mistakes Runners Make

Nutrition Mistakes Runners Make

Improper fueling for a run can stop you dead in your tracks. Do these 5 things to avoid bonking and speed recovery.
fresh beets and beet juice

Can Beet Juice Improve Athletic Performance?

The nitrates present in beet juice may enhance athletic performance and preserve much-needed energy during intense workouts. 


Homemade 'Reese’s' Peanut Butter Cups

Try it and see if you agree that our version of this Halloween favorite is better than the real thing.
zucchini bread oatmeal

Zucchini Bread Oatmeal

Here's a high-protein breakfast to power you through your day — and sneak some veggies in!
man taking fitness supplements

BCCAs + Carbs: A Winning Combination

As an endurance athlete, are you taking the right combination of supplements to both reduce muscle fatigue and speed recovery?

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