How EPO-Boost Makes You a Better Athlete

by Sally Ladd March 12, 2018 4 min read

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If you’ve been training hard and eating a solid diet, but you're not seeing improvements in your performance, you’re probably wondering what’s keeping you from reaching the next level. Chances are, the difference is EPO: Athletes at all levels show improved performance with EPO. 

Fortunately, EPO-Boost fits seamlessly into your current training program. That’s why hundreds of elite endurance athletes from around the globe are turning to EPO-Boost to make them even better — because it makes what they’re already doing even more effective. 

No matter how hard you train or how stringent your diet, a safe increase in EPO will improve your performance. 

No Diet Changes

Some supplements require that you change your diet for them to work. Not EPO-Boost. You can stick with what you’re already eating and get the same EPO-enhancing benefits.

Easy to Take

Because EPO-Boost comes in a convenient, easy-to-swallow capsule, the only change in your routine will be to take EPO-Boost four times per day. No powders to mix, no shakes to blend – just open the bottle, take your pill and you’re on your way. 

Maybe you recognize your limitations in some of the following scenarios:

Problem: “Even though I feel great when I train, during an event my legs burn, and my lungs ache. I just can’t seem to take it up the notch I need to compete at a higher level.”

Solution: EPO-Boost increases VO2 max.

We’ve all been there: It’s halfway through your event and you’re sucking wind. Your legs are shaking, your head is pounding and every second seems to drag on for eons.

As you see your competitors fly by, you wonder why you can’t seem to keep up the pace. What separates amateur and elite endurance athletes is VO2 max – the capacity for taking in and processing oxygen.

Remember: The amount of oxygen your body can utilize is the link in the chain that can make or break your performance. When you can take in more oxygen, you can run, pedal and pump away for longer – instantly making you a better conditioned athlete.

The ingredients in EPO-Boost have been clinically proven to increase VO2 max. After using EPO-Boost for awhile, you’ll notice that you feel strong from start to finish, making huffing and puffing a thing of the past.

Problem: “No matter how much I prepare, I can’t keep up a high level of intensity when I train.”  

Solution: EPO-Boost increases running economy.

If you’re petering out during training, you can bet that your next event isn’t going to go so well. The reason for subpar training is that your running economy needs some work. Simply put, running economy is like fuel efficiency in a car: your body’s own mile-per-gallon rating.

Because EPO-Boost naturally bolsters your red blood cell count, you transform  from a gas guzzler to a hybrid while getting more miles per gallon. This translates to training that allows you to work on weaknesses and improve your endurance, without struggling. 

Problem: “I have a really important race coming up. I don’t want to wait for this stuff to kick in.”

Solution: EPO-Boost works in 4 weeks 

That's why elite endurance athletes from around the world prefer EPO-Boost. We can’t promise overnight results like ordinary supplements, because EPO-Boost is no ordinary supplement. It’s the only supplement on the market that naturally increases EPO and endurance.

Problem: “After I get out of work, I hardly have the energy to drive home, nevermind go all-out on the bike.”

Solution: EPO-Boost increases endurance.

Most people don’t understand why it’s so challenging to train after work. Because most people punch out at 5 pm, jump on an elliptical trainer and casually work out while reading last year’s Vogue, they see a workout as a refreshing way to top off the day. But 99% of the people on Earth wouldn’t last 5 minutes training next to you. EPO-Boost has been designed to give you the endurance you need to train, even with your busy lifestyle. 

Problem: “I always start strong and then suddenly hit the wall. It’s absolutely killing my results at events.”

Solution: EPO-Boost increases time to fatigue. 

It’s halfway through your race and you’re feeling superb. Your legs are strong and your focus and concentration are heightened. Then, before you know it … BOOM! Without warning, all that strength has been replaced by wobbly legs and labored breathing.

When you hit the wall, it’s because your energy reserves have been wiped out.  Known as "time to fatigue," this can happen because your body doesn’t have enough oxygen in the early part of the race, forcing it to use up limited carbohydrate stores.

EPO-Boost makes sure that you’re always getting the oxygen you need. It spares your energy reserves so that you won’t find your endurance plummeting when you need it most.

Problem: “Even if I work like crazy, I can’t keep up the pace I need to place at events.”

Solution: EPO-Boost improves VO2 max. 

It’s one thing to be faster than the competitor next to you, but it’s quite another to keep it up. Maybe you can “turn it on” for short bursts, but no matter how much you go all out, you always end up back at a snail’s pace. This is because your ability to inhale and utilize oxygen can’t keep up with your intensity.

That’s why the endurance upgrade you get with EPO-Boost is so important. You’ll stay powered-up for the entire race, and find yourself on top – with less effort than you ever thought possible.

Take the next step in your training regimen: Try any BRL Sports supplement risk-free! If our natural nutritional products aren’t the best you’ve ever used, simply return your purchase for a 100% refund — no questions asked!

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