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woman in ice bath

Warm Up to Post-Workout Ice Baths

Endurance athletes have found that toughing out 6-8 minutes in an ice bath eases pain caused by vigorous exercise. 
Backstroke training in swimming pool

Change Up Strokes to Fine Tune Freestyle

By practicing strokes other than freestyle, you’ll improve your confidence in the water as well as become more buoyant and efficient.
swimmer using correct freestyle arm position

Increasing Arm Efficiency in Swimming

Fine tune your front crawl by correcting these two common technical errors.

Woman doing an open water swy=im

Training Tips For Your Next Open Water Swim

Keep these few tips in mind during swim practice before an open water race if you’ve been swimming in a pool all season.
swimmer training in open water

Simple Plan Increases Swimmers' Lactate Threshold

If you want to improve your swimming times then you have to swim faster to raise  your lactate threshold. It's that simple.
Boost V02 Max in Long-Distance Swimming

Boost V02 Max in Long-Distance Swimming

Swimmers can increase VO2 max through regular, strenuous workouts, which improve cardio performance.

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