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High Altitude Travel Checklist

High Altitude Travel Checklist

Following a checklist will help ensure you stay fit and comfortable during your next high-altitude adventure.
altitude sickness prevention

How to Prevent Altitude Sickness

When prepping for your next high-altitude adventure, follow these tips — and take AltitudeRx before you ascend.
altitude sickness acclimitization

The Physiological Effects of High Altitude

What are the symptoms of altitude sickness, and what can you do to acclimate when travelling to high altitudes?

Medications Used to Treat Altitude Sickness

Medications Used to Treat Altitude Sickness

Find out which medications are used to treat altitude or elevation sickness. 
AltitudeRx altitude sickness supplement

Altitude Sickness Supplement 'Secrets'

A natural remedy for altitude sickness, AltitudeRx is available when you need it, and clinical studies prove it works!

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