Spice Up Your Training Plan

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Man running in sand

If your regular running routine has become a big bore, it may be time to incorporate  some exercises not normally included in a conventional training plan.

Sand Running

There are a multitude of workouts you can do in the sand. One simple exercise is to mark off a short distance of about 200 meters and do a set number of repeats with a short break in between each. It's also wise to time yourself so that the next time you do the workout you can try to better your time.

Running Downhill

Running on slight downhills is a great workout to improve leg turnover. For this one it's best to cover a distance of at least 100 meters. Gradually increase your pace until you are running at or above your 100-meter race pace. This workout is great for becoming acclimated to higher rotation speeds so that when someone starts to push in a race you will be able to push back.

Ankle Weights and Bike Pulls

If you are looking to build strength, try running with ankle weights or pulling a bike. The ankle weights are self-explanatory. For bike-pulling you need a friend who is willing to assist you. Tie a 6-foot rope to a bike and then tie it to a belt; put on the belt and run while your friend rides behind you. Keep the rope taught and instruct your friend to gently hit the brakes whenever there is slack in the line.

Tire Pulls

Attach a harness and run pulling a tire to simulate running in hilly areas. Typically, this is a great training for runners who live in flat areas. Start with a small tire and build up to a larger one.

These are just a few examples of unconventional workouts you can use to spice up your training routine and make you an all around better runner. Keep your eyes open and use your imagination because you never know when you might come across a new technique to incorporate into your training.

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